Sunday, 4 October 2009

Land of Soap & Glory

Land of Soap & Glory..

When it comes to skincare, the world has its leaders and its followers. Marcia Kilgore, the founder of Bliss, the FitFlop and now Soap & Glory, is most definitely the former. Having brought her own style of humour and irreverence to the world via her catchy soundbites (she writes all the copy for the product packaging herself), she has re-invigorated the cosmetics industry, which at times, can be prone to taking itself far too seriously. Soap & Glory was born from Marcia's desire to make highly effective skincare and beauty products available to the mass market - but without the hefty price tags and ridiculous claims of other brands. This October sees the launch of Soap & Glory For Men, building on the considerable success of the Soap & Glory women's range. The latter has spawned a series of cult products, including body butter and a face serum (beauty editors and journalists e-mail Marcia constantly to request more samples of this age-defying wrinkle buster). Every product in the men's range retails for under £5, which is incredible value given the premium grade ingredients and painstaking research that goes into developing and producing these super-effective products. I've reviewed the range on my new You Tube "guru" channel. To hear my personal thoughts on this fantastic men's range and for prices and stockist information, just watch the video below:

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