Monday, 21 December 2009

The Fax Of Life..

The Fax Of Life..

For many, the Filofax recalls memories of Melanie Griffiths in Working Girl or Michael Douglas in Wall Street. It was as much a symbol of aspirational 80's power brokers as having your own penthouse apartment, Porche and brick-sized mobile phone. Though the dominance of computers and Blackberrys may have rung the death knell for personal organizers in The Noughties - there's still a lot to be said for the Filofax. For a start, there's no risk of electronic failure, the battery will never run out (there isn't one) and you've as much chance of dropping it down the loo as you have of seeing Victoria Beckham wearing orthopedic shoes (and let's face it - that's far from likely).

So thank heavens Filofax have launched the Beauty Giftbox - the gift that literally keeps on giving. For a modest £40, you can choose from three stylish designs, a faux-snakeskin number in chic oatmeal (my personal favourite), hot pink leatherette for the Legally Blonde aspirants and a fresco design for the arty crowd. Not only does each one contain a 2010 diary, dividers, address pages and notepaper, it also contains a nifty perfume pen atomiser with spray concealed in the cap. Simply decant your preferred scent into the little bottle and spritz away at your leisure. It's so genius you know that Elle Woods would have used it in Legally Blonde - had she been able to get her hands on one. Sorry Elle! To give Elle even more organiser envy, they've even slipped a compact mirror into the Filofax, so you can discretely check your make-up while pretending to plan world domination - genius!

But what truly marks this out as a remarkable gift is the complimentary beauty voucher (worth up to £100) that comes with it. With the option of one of three treatments, the (very lucky) recipient may choose either a £25 beauty treatment (facials, massages and manicures are on offer), a £40 haircut and finish or a £100 fashion make-over (including hair and make-up) and photographic shoot.

This uber-gift is in very limited supply so snap one up while you have the chance. UK residents will benefit from free postage and packing! / 08705 143 702

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