Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Close Shave

A Close Shave..

I've been sent many a shaving product over the years to test for reviews. Being mixed race, my hair is naturally curly, leaving me prone to painful ingrown hairs. Having sensitive skin, with fast-growing hair and coarse stubble, I often find the shaving process uncomfortable (I have to shave daily to avoid looking like Joaquin Phoenix, pictured below during his rapper phase). With this in mind, I'm especially picky when it comes to my shaving products.

When I was contacted by Oliveology, an American shaving brand, to ask if I'd consider reviewing their natural Shave Gel, I thought sure, send it over and I'll see how it compares to the premium natural products I already use. Olive Oil is the core ingredient in this product. In Greek mythology, when Athena, goddess of wisdom, was challenged by Poseidon, god of the sea, to create a divine gift for the Greeks, she created the olive tree. Athena's gift turned out to be a little more useful to modern man. While horses are generally kept for sport and agriculture in the Western world (with the notable exception of France where they like to consume them on occasion), the olive (and olive oil) is a staple of Mediterranean and increasingly Western diets. It's no wonder then that Mediterraneans are famed for their longevity, supple skin, healthy hair and nails.
Olive oil is known not only for its culinary cholesterol-reducing properties but also for its efficacy as a skin cleanser and moisturiser. A rich source of Vitamin E gives the olive antioxidant properties, valuable protection against cellular damage from free radicals and environmental aggressors. In short, Vitamin E gives olive oil anti-ageing properties, making it particularly effective in skincare.

I can guarantee that the majority of modern working men and women would rather have one excellent shaving product, than have to rely on a host of products to achieve the same super-smooth result. I certainly don't have time to massage a pre-shave oil into my skin, followed by a shave gel/foam and post-shave balm - it's just too fiddly and time-consuming. This is why I already use multi-purpose natural shaving products and why Oliveology Shave Gel has earned a place in my bathroom.

If I had to single out the most outstanding point of difference between this products and its rivals, it would be the slippy texture of the gel. I'm yet to find another product that lubricates my razor blade as effectively, without the build up of stubble on the blade. All you have to do is look at the water in your basin as you shave, you'll see hairs everywhere and it's all because there's none on the razor. It's also worth mentioning that a little bit of product gives a lot of great shave.

The odourless formulation will be appreciated by those with sensitive skin (and others like myself who prefer their face not to smell like a cheap generic men's deodorant). Additional natural ingredients such as skin-soothing aloe and sangre de grado extract (a tree resin also known as dragon's blood), known for its skin-healing properties, ensure this product ticks all the boxes from efficacy to added benefits. The travel-size bottle is especially handy for those on-the-go (in my experience, airport security have a fondness for seizing your essential toiletries at the least convenient times - so it's safer to downsize).

Oliveology House Bottle, 8oz - $12.00
Oliveology Travel Bottle, 2oz - $5.00


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