Thursday, 20 January 2011

Me And Miss Jones

Me and Miss Jones

Versace has something of a history when it comes to crafting a knockout gown. Elizabeth Hurley's black, slashed to the thigh, gold safety pinned number from the 90's is a case in point.

Donatella would have made Gianni proud with this scarlet Atelier Versace fringed Grecian style gown with strategic cut outs (a Versace signature). Mad Men's January Jones was without doubt, the belle of this year's Golden Globes.

Chanelling Veronica Lake with her glossy blonde waves and retro screen siren make-up, she looked absolutely phenomenal. You can re-create this look easily using New CID Cosmetics, a high-tech capsule range of innovative, divinely textured and pigmented cosmetics.

Start by gently massaging your neck and face with your favourite moisturiser to create a plump canvas. Allow a couple of minutes for your moisturiser to really sink in before smoothing the peptide-packed, silicon based i-prime Foundation Primer (£29) all over the neck and face, blending up towards the cheekbones but avoiding the delicate eye area. This is definitely a "must have" from the collection, its lush gel/serum texture leaves skin feeling silky smooth, whilst ensuring your make-up stays put throughout the day.

Housed in a convenient tubular steel construction, the easy-to-carry i-perfect Colour Adjust Foundation (£28.50) is all that you need to create a buildable (sheer to medium) airbrushed base. The colour-adjust technology means that you can potentially go one shade lighter or darker while still looking super natural, as the formula reacts to suit your skin's unique PH level. Working the face section by section (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, neck etc), pump the tube applicator once to distribute the fluid foundation, lightly buffing into skin to perfect your complexion. Use one pump per section of your face as a guide.

Illuminate your eyes by gently patting the concealer end of the i-open Double Ended Eyeliner and Under Eye Concealer (£18.50) under the eyes with the tip of your ring finger, using the creamy nude pencil end on the lower water line to make the whites of your eyes sparkle (this is also a handy trick for making smaller eyes seem wider).

To keep this look fresh and modern, keep powder to a minimum. Using the Chrome Powder Brush, dust a tiny amount of the i-finish Loose Translucent Powder (£20.50) on the T-Zone, focusing on the forehead, sides of the nose and chin.

With the tip of your ring finger, gently blend a little of the Sirocco i-glow Compact Shimmer Powder with Mirror (£24) across the tops of your cheekbones up and outwards towards the tops of your ears to create a lifting effect. Pat the tiniest amount on the brow bone, on the centre of
the eyelids and in the inner corners of the eyes.

With the Chrome Blusher Brush, blend the tiniest amount of the Coral Crush i - glow Compact Shimmer powder with Mirror (£24) from the apples of your cheeks up and out towards the hairline (you really need just a hint of blush so go easy).

Add the subtlest contour with the Rio i - bronze Compact Powder Bronzer with Mirror (£22). For a more precise shading effect, use the Chrome Blusher Brush, buffing a little of the bronzer along the hollows of the cheeks, beneath the cheekbones up towards the hair line for a sophisticated, sculpted look.

January is sporting groomed, lightly pencilled brows. Get the look with i - groom Eyebrow Grooming Pencil and Brush (£15.50). Brush your brows upwards, then apply the pencil, drawing soft feather flicks in the direction of hair growth to fill in any gaps. Fix brows with the i-fix Eyebrow Fixing Pencil (£13.50), a handy wax-based product that tames unruly brows, framing the eyes to perfection.

Using the Chrome Blending Eye Shadow Brush (£22.50), wash the top-left shade from the Morocco i - shadow Eye Shadow Quad with Mirror (£21.50) all over the lids, from lash line to brow bone for some nude sparkle. Blend the same shade under lashes and in the inner corners of the eyes to keep them looking wide-eyed and flirty. Using the Chrome Small Eye Shadow Brush (£22.50) blend a little of the top-right shade into the crease and the outer edge of the eyes for some subtle definition.

Curl your lashes then work one coat of the i - flutter Double Brush Volumising and Lengthening Mascara (£18.50) through the lashes, starting at the roots, working the wand in a gentle "zig zag" motion out towards the ends.

It looks like January is wearing a small section of lash inserts at the outer edges of her lashes to create a kittenish eye shape that compliments her vampy retro look. If you are confident in trimming lashes, then trim approximately half an inch from the near the middle of the Black 01 i-lash Professional Lash Kit (£12) lashes and apply these sections at the outer edges of your upper lashes. Or wear the lashes as they are and go for a fuller lash effect.

To finish the eyes, apply a subtle flick of the liquid eyeliner end of the i - flick Double Ended Liner (£18.50) along the base of the lashes, flicking out at the edges.

Using the Retractable Lip Brush (£16) , paint lips with the i - pout Light up Lipstick with Mirror (£15). Scarlet, a sizzling screen siren shade, is the perfect option for instant red carpet glamour.

No Hollywood starlet would be complete without a little lip-plumping. Using the same lip brush, work a tiny dot of the i - shine Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Daiquiri (£12.50) in the centre of the lips and your Hollywood transformation is complete.

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