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The Myface Generation

The Myface Generation..

Myspace revolutionised the way we listened to music and interacted with each other online. Now, the hot new make-up brand Myface Cosmetics is changing the way we approach our make-up. The range is split into three easy-to-shop categories:




Each category comprises of three foundation shades (nine shades in total). Though truly pale and dark skin tones are sadly unaccounted for, the shades they do have, comprehensively cover the various skin tones in between. Each category carries a capsule range of colours, hand-picked by industry experts, to compliment each skin tone, putting an end to the old beauty dilemma of "will this colour suit me?".

Few make-up artists truly achieve "superstar" status in the fashion and beauty industry. Growing up, I was inspired by the likes of Stephane Marais, Francois Nars, Pat McGrath and the late Kevyn Aucoin. Kabuki, the brand's new artistic director, is one of the few artists whose name can be uttered in the same sentence. Though, like contemporaries such as Alex Box, he is undoubtedly a newcomer to the "major league", it's not for lack of talent. Though his star may have taken longer to rise, this in no way means that it shines less brightly than his peers. Like the old adage says; "it's not about the destination, it's the journey", and what a journey he has had.

Part of the original set of New York club kids that set NY nightlife alight in the early 90's; Michael Alig, James St James, Richie Rich, Jenny Talia and Amanda Lepore, based their outrageous attire and antics on legendary performance artist Leigh Bowery's social circle in the 80's (aka The Blitz Kids). Kabuki's talent was first brought to global attention by Pat Field, stylist extraordinaire and wardrobe mistress for Sex And The City. Having known him from the club scene, Pat hired Kabuki to do the stars' make-up for the first two seasons of the show. This opened doors for him. Soon, he was enlisted to do the make-up for the film Party Monster (inspired by his fellow club kids). By this point, the ball was officially rolling. The Photographer Steven Klein saw some work Kabuki created for Italian Vogue, Madonna was soon calling, and the rest as they say, is history.

Every make-up artist of Kabuki's calibre has their trademark signature. Pat McGrath is known for her hands on approach, literally pressing foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow onto models' faces with her fingertips. When I think of Kabuki's work, I think of kaleidoscopic colour, contouring that would give the greatest of Geisha envy, and an "outside-the-box" painterly approach to creativity that pushes the envelope in terms of what we consider to be aesthetically beautiful.

It cannot be denied that his work evokes the traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre make-up his professional name alludes to. Nor can it be ignored that his work echoes that of his 80's predecessor, legendary make-up artist, hair stylist and haute parfumeur Serge Lutens (his work is pictured above). However, for the record, if his work is in fact inspired by either, Kabuki has fused and evolved both styles, creating a unique voice that has its own resonance in a modern market saturated with noise.

Kylie Minogue has been collaborating with Kabuki for some time now. Pictured above, you can see some of his signature work on the cover of her single "2 Hearts".

In a recent cover shoot for OUT magazine, Kabuki used three Myface Blingtone Eye Shadows on Kylie.

He applied Diamonds and Pearls as a highlight to her brow bone, centre of the eyelid and inner corners of the eyes to add radiance and lift the face.

He contoured her eyes with the Blingtone in Sp"ice"y.

He subtly defined Kylie's eyes by softly blending a little of the Blingtone in Black Ice, just beneath the lower lashes.

And it's not just Kylie who has been avidly "downloading" the Myface Blingtone (see what they did there) metallic foil-effect eye shadows. Lily Allen (pictured above) is pretty much a fan of all the colours (result), together with Brit Supermodel Agyness Deyn, Cheryl Cole and Lindsay Lohan (and that's the tip of the iceberg, in reality, the full celebrity fan base reads like the Vanity Fair Oscars party guest list).

To re-create Lily's bronzed eye look, try blending the Blingtone in Morococo all around the eyes, for a smouldering, smokey eye.

Kate Moss is yet another stellar fan of the Myface Blingtones. She often favours a little smudged eyeliner close to her lashes and in the waterline (well she is the quintessential rock chick after all). When combined with a trio of harmonising chocolate shades of eyes shadow, you can easily replicate her gloriously sexy eye make-up at home.

Kate has been blessed with beautiful hazel / green eyes. To make green or hazel eyes pop, a great make-up artist's tip is to smudge a brown eye liner close to the lashes and in the waterline, as the red tones in the brown, emphasise these eye colours beautifully.

The Eyetouch Blingtone Trio in Morococo is one of the most versatile products in the collection, and being neutral, suits all skin tones. Definitely an everyday essential for the stylish girl on the move, who likes her products to do all the work. I suggest using the middle shade on the eye lid, the dark shade as a contour under the eye and into the crease of the lids, and the highlight shade as a soft highlight on the brow bone, inner corners of the eyes, down the bridge of the nose and along the cupid's bow of the lips. I love the versatility of this product. Women have increasingly less time to get ready for work these days, so any multi-functional products are always going to have them reaching for their wallets (especially at these prices).

Flame haired Brit model Olivia Inge (pictured above), professes her love for black mascara. It seems that for all skin tones and eye colours, nothing provides as much instant drama. Think of it like an LBD for your lashes, giving new meaning to "result dressing".

For the best results, curl lashes (I love Shu Uemura and Suqqu eye lash curlers), then work the Myface Upload Mascara in Black in a zig-zag motion from the roots of the lashes, working out towards the tips. This will ensure you get right to the root of the lashes, creating a fuller lash effect, as well as opening the eye for that essential wide eyed Lolita look. Lashes tend to thin as we age, so fuller lashes are one of the quickest ways to cheat a more youthful appearance (who doesn't love a quick beauty fix).

Kay Montano, creative director of Myface Cosmetics, paints the faces of some of the most beautiful women in the world. A favourite for the red carpet, her down-to-earth nature and flair for making women look heavenly, make her the go-to artist for premieres and awards ceremonies.

Hollywood actress Thandie Newton, is in my opinion, one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation. One of Kay's many A-List clients, this is a shot of the look Kay created for Thandie's recent BAFTA appearance. She may not have won an award for her acting that night, but I'm certain that the majority of people in the blogosphere awarded her the award for best dressed and most beautiful (with the sole exception of Julianne Moore (dressed by Tom Ford), who in my eyes is nothing short of divine).

Kay used the Myface Mymix Foundation in Medium/Dark 2 on Thandie to impart a warm, dewy glow to the skin. With a slightly more viscose texture than Chanel's Vitalumiere foundation (without the illuminating mineral pigments), and with more coverage than a Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, I'd say the Mymix Foundation has the best elements of both. Not only does it make skin look delightfully dewy and youthful, it can be built up to create a medium level of coverage too. All the concealers in the range are colour-matched to each foundation shade, ensuring skin looks flawless. To achieve an immaculate complexion in minutes, blend the foundation over the face with fingers (or a foundation brush if your prefer). Dot the concealer on any areas of discolouration, blue / purple shadows under the eyes, and any redness around the nose and mouth, as well as on blemishes or pigmentation marks. Using the tip of your ring finger, tap the concealer into the foundation, and voila, a flawless airbrushed finish is yours for the flaunting.

To enhance Thandie's beautiful eyes, Kay worked the Myface High Definition Eye Pencil in Black close to the lashes, in the waterline and flicked it out subtly at the edges for a subtle kitten flick. She finished the look with a slick of the Myface Mymix Lipgloss in 136, a sheer berry shade.

Radiant in peach, Hollywood actress Amy Adams also attended the BAFTA's. She rose to fame in the film Enchanted, and looks no less enchanting here.

Kay created Amy's soft and radiant look, using the Myface Mymix Foundation in Fair 1. On Amy's Eyes, Kay used the High Definition Eye Pencil in Brown.

On Amy's lips, Kay used the Myface High Definition Lip Pencil in Nude, following with a slick of the Myface Lipgloss in 136, a sheer berry shade.

I was so pleased to come across this photo of Nicole Kidman from an Omega event last year (she is an ambassador for the brand). I've always been a huge fan of Kidman's naturally red hair, I feel it compliments her porcelain skin so beautifully.

Kay enhanced Nicole's pore-less ivory skin with the Myface Mymix Foundation in Fair 1.

To create Nicole's rosy-cheeked flush, Kay blended the Myface Paradisio Pink Blush across the tops of the apples of her cheeks. The blushes in the range all possess a subtle shimmer (in a similar vein to NARS), which adds radiance and a dewy look to the cheeks, instantly lifting the face.

Kay enhanced Nicole's ice-blue eyes with some subtle shading, using the Myface Eyetouch Soulful Shade Trio in Midnight Hour, a chic combination of pale grey, graphite and black shades.

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer is yet another stellar fan of the products, pictured here at the British Fashion Awards last year. One of the original supermodels, she's doubtless tried the majority of make-up brands. If she's a fan of Myface, they're definitely doing something right.

On Claudia, Kay used the Myface Mymix Foundation in Fair 1.

To enhance Claudia's stunning blue eyes, Kay blended the Myface Eyetouch Soulful Shade Trio in Midnight Hour around her eyes, resulting in a soft but sultry evening look.

Mymix Foundation - £12.99
Mymix Concealer - £7.99
Blusher - £9.99
High Definition Lip Pencil - £6.49
Lip Pop Gloss - £7.99
High Definition Eye Pencil - £6.99
Eyetouch Soulful Shade Trios - £9.99
Eyetouch Blingtone Shade Trios - £14.99
Upload Lashes Mascara - £10.49
Blingtone - £9.99

Myface Cosmetics are available to purchase on the Myface website and at Boots stores:

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