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Sweet Like Chocolate

Sweet Like Chocolate..

There are Easter Eggs and then there are Prestat Easter Eggs. Founded by Antoine Dufour, who created the first truffle in 1895, the uber-luxe traditional confectioner have hatched five fabulously exquisite eggs in time for Easter.

The Easter Parade Collection has been packaged in the most beautiful array of boxes, with illustrations by renowned artist Kitty Arden. The brand's trademark gold and bright pink swirls dominate, with each ribbon wrapped, gold-foiled egg nestling on a luxurious bed of fuchsia tissue.

Cadbury's this is not! And at a mere £25 per egg, this delectable offering effortlessly fuses high style, exceptional quality and, in my opinion, value for money. It's worth purchasing the eggs for the boxes alone, which double as a fabulously chic vessel in which one may house jewellery, trinkets, personal letters and the like. For the collectors amongst you, I'd recommend purchasing all five flavours as an investment (if you can resist indulging in the contents that is).

Pictured at the top, is the Rose & Violet Creme egg. Crafted from the finest dark chocolate (71%) and filled with Prestat's legendary Rose & Violet Cremes (beloved of both my father and my late grandmother), which it has been producing for more than a 100 years.

Billy Tallon, the late Queen Mother's steward, intimated that Her Majesty was a lifelong ardent fan of these particular delights: "They travelled everywhere with her, even aboard the Royal Yacht". It was this very fondness that led Her Majesty to award Prestat her Royal Warrant.

I've tested the Milk Chocolate egg (in the name of journalism naturally), and I have to say it got me through a recent case of bronchitis. House bound for five days, I was feeling terribly under the weather, and this gem was the source of immense gastronomic pleasure. More than just a feast for the palate, the very act of unwrapping the egg, which in the manner of a Russian doll, revealed treasure after treasure, was in fact a complete sensory treat.

Opening the vividly patterned box, revealed a gold foiled egg, wrapped in the prettiest turquoise grosgrain ribbon seen outside of VV Rouleaux. While the exquisitely stylised packaging is a delight in itself, the egg housed two assortments of Ganache truffles, white chocolate and milk chocolate, the final surprise in this chocolate treasure trove.

The Dark Chocolate egg also houses an assortment of Ganache truffles, ideal for ardent fans of traditional rich chocolate. I'd say this is the perfect option for the chocolate purist.

For the modern chocolate fans, the Sea Salt Caramel egg provides something a little bit different, along the lines of Montezuma's and Lindt's chilli chocolate or Lindt's and Green & Black's ginger chocolate.

A new recipe taking chocolate fans by storm, the softest sweet caramel infused with a hint of sea salt fills the finest dark chocolate (71%).

If you prefer your chocolate especially grand (and with an added kick), the Marc de Champagne egg should be your go-to option. Crafted from velvety milk chocolate and packed with Marc de Champagne truffles, this is, without doubt, the perfect option for the man or woman who appears to have it all. Among the most popular truffles sold in Britain, the are ubiquitous at state banquets and first nights, where they are served to monarchs, dignitaries and stars of stage and screen.

All five eggs are crafted from a selection of cocoa beans from Sao Thome, Tanzania and Ghana, all of which are part of Prestat's Trading Fairly ESOKO initiative.

The Prestat Easter Parade Collection eggs are priced at £25 each, available from:





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