Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How Fame Met Fortune

How Fame Met Fortune..

I'm currently dying over LA-based comedienne Fortune Feimster. Unashamedly Rubenesque, and an open and happy lesbian (go Fortune!), it's marvellous that such a talented and merrily self-deprecating woman is getting prime time exposure on a hit comedy show like Chelsea Lately. Having already gained a cult following with her hilarious stand up shows, she has created two comedic characters that are of special note; Darlene Witherspoon, a deliciously grotesque Hooters waitress with some "special" talents (see the video below for details of her full repertpoire), who boasts of often being asked if she is related to A-List actress Reese (love it):

Lastly we have Katina the Pole Dance Instructor "y'all know how Katina roll. What!"

Not only did she help her man Snoop Dog to write the lyrics to "Drop It Like It's Hot", she's also something of a rising fashion star, just check out that "Von Douche" bag:


  1. Huge Fortune fan here! We talked with her recently at a Belvedere Pre-Grammy Party! Watch our Fortune Feimster interview here! Thanks!

    1. Great interview, loved the maple syrup comment.