Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Tiger

The Tiger..

"TIGER, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
 Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"

William Blake

Neither immortal hand, nor eye could frame the fearful symmetry of Storm Models New Face Penelope Simpson, showcasing the luxurious and exotic Animal Instincts collection from Fred & Ginger Lingerie.

Having shot the bridal collection, I rallied the troops, photographer James Burton, model Penelope and hair stylist Joel Benjamin for lunch. I had personally prepared packed lunches for Penelope, home made cheddar cheese sandwiches on wholemeal bread with fresh fruit and bio yoghurt. Refreshments came with straws (yes I'm that detail obsessed, I wanted to protect her lipstick).

James and I had set out with the intention of providing as safe and comfortable environment on set as was humanly possible, so I had brought Falke cashmere socks to keep Penelope's tootsies nice and cosy, while James had packed a robe for her to don between shots.

Add the NuBo facial she got, two manicures, two make up looks, two hair changes and body massages, I'd say team Burton proved that chivalry isn't dead.

Here are the arresting Animal Instincts images, simply click on them to enlarge:

Lingerie: Fred & Ginger Lingerie

Hosiery: Falke

Shoes: Gil Carvalho

Model: Penelope Simpson @ Storm Model Management

Make Up & Styling: Ian Brown

Hair: Joel Benjamin

Photographer + Retouch: James Burton

Copyright: James Burton

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