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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes..

After a joyous six months as a Colour Coach for The Body Shop, I've moved on to pastures new. As of Monday 16th November 2009 I will be the new Business Manager for Dolce&Gabbana Cosmetics in Selfridges, London. To celebrate the lovely team of people I'll be leaving behind, I've put together one last Body Shop make-up tutorial. The Body Shop is currently riding the wave of the 80's revival. For a limited time, the hero products that the late Dame Anita Roddick favoured back in the 80's are available to purchase in store. Better yet, they're available to purchase for a very modest £3.99 - the price they were in the 80's.

To celebrate the limited re-release of "Anita's Favourites", all Body Shop stores held 80's themed parties. Staff dressed in 80's clothing and sported 80's make-up. A special compilation CD of 80's music was played in all stores and the rest as they say is history! So good was the music in fact that I discovered "Misfit" by Curiosity Killed The Cat - a truly genius track and one that certainly got me in the full 80's swing.

Never being one to miss the opportunity to dress up, I opted for a fusion of New Romantic and Punk - though tempered with a little Noughties subtlety. So on went the leather biker jacket, together with some fierce smokey eyes, nude lips, contoured bronzed cheekbones and a hint of punky fuschia blusher blended high across the cheeks into the hairline.

Smokey eyes never go out of fashion and were the look of choice at the Dsquared2 and Marc Jacobs AW09 shows. I've always been partial to a little glitter, so softened my smokey eye look by blending a glittery emerald green shadow with a peacock green and black shadow for my own personal take on the look.

To create the look, I first primed my skin with the Skin Primer. Blend a pea sized amount over the face and neck to create a flawless canvas for your foundation. Next, blend the Oil Free Foundation SPF 15 (I used Shade 07) over the face and neck with your finger tips. One pump is more than enough to give you perfect coverage. Next, blend a little concealer (I used Shade 05 in the Crayon Concealer) onto any remaining blemishes or imperfections to create a truly flawless matte base - it's the perfect contrast for the metallic eyes. It's worth blending a little concealer over the eye socket up to the brow bone and beneath the lower lashes - it will act as a great primer for your eye make-up, ensuring it lasts well into the evening. Define eyebrows with the Rich Brown Eye Definer (ensure it's sharpened), use short feathery strokes, following the direction of your hair growth for a strong brow - it will frame your eyes perfectly and give a feeling of 80's authenticity.

Using the Black Eye Definer, fill in the eye lid from the lash line to the crease and define the inner rim of the eye and below the lower lashes. Gently smudge with the Line Softener. Using the Eye Shadow Blender Brush, sweep the Soft Black eye shadow over the lids from lash to crease and beneath the lower lashes. Repeat with the Peacock Green shadow and finally with the Velvet Green shadow. Using the Brilliant Blue Metallic Eye Definer, gently draw a little line from the inner corner of the lower lashes to where the lashes start - you want to stop the line just before the middle of the lower lashes, it's just a subtle accent to make the eyes "pop". Finish by curling lashes with the Eye Lash Curler and apply two coats of Black Super Volume Mascara.

Using the Bronzing Brush, sweep the Nature's Minerals Bronzer in Bronzed Ochre beneath the cheekbones up towards the ears. If it helps, look in a mirror and suck your cheeks in - you want to sweep the bronzer along the hollow part of your cheeks for a sculpted effect. Blend a little bronzer across the temples, down the nose, under the chin and beneath the jaw line for an even finish. A little fall out beneath the eyes from eye shadow is normal when using powder eye shadows. To tidy up the under eye area, brush a little Lightening Touch concealer (I used Shade 04) in the inner corner of the eyes and blend beneath the eyes and up towards the hair line. Dab your finger onto the Magenta Glow Colourglide Lipstick and blend in a circular motion high on the cheekbones and blend up into the hair line. Repeat if necessary for greater colour intensity. Lastly, finish by dabbing a dot of the Party Pink Hi-Shine Lip Treatment onto the centre of lips, press lips together and "voila" - you have a sultry, sexy, 80's make-up look with a Noughties twist.

The Make-Up

Skin Primer Matte It - £9.50
Oil Free Foundation SPF 15 (Shade 07) - £11.70
Crayon Concealer (Shade 05) - £8.30
Lightening Touch £11.70
Rich Brown Eye Definer - £7.30
Brow & Lash Gel - £8.80
Black Eye Definer - £7.30
Eye Colour (Soft Black) - £7.80
Eye Colour (Peacock Green) - £7.80
Eye Colour (Velvet Green) - £7.80
Metallic Eye Definer (Brilliant Blue) - £6.00
Super Volume Mascara (Black) - £9.75
Hi-Shine Lip Treatment (Party Pink) - £9.25
Nature's Minerals Bronzer (Bronzed Ochre) - £14.65
Colourglide Lip Colour (Magenta Glow) - £8.00Concealer (Shade 05) - £8.30

The Tools

Line Softener - £7.30
Eyeshadow Blender Brush - £8.30
Eye Lash Curler - £4.85
Bronzing Brush - £14.00

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