Sunday, 18 July 2010

Going To The Chapel

Going To The Chapel..

I was delighted to make it into the June/July 2010 issue of Blackhair Magazine this month (on the contributors page no less). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the publication, its target demographic is women of colour. If I'm honest, I've always felt that magazines targeted at the black women's market have lacked the fashion credibility and slick production values offered by mainstream style bibles such as Elle and Vogue. Statistically speaking, women of colour tend to spend far more on their hair, skin, make-up and nails than their Caucasian sisters. You'd think that more hair and beauty advertisers within the UK would have cottoned on to this by now? The models used in large-scale American beauty advertising are culturally diverse - and therefore representative of the broad spectrum of ethnicity within the US. Revlon boasts Jessica Alba and Halle Berry as celebrity spokesmodels, while L'Oreal boasts Beyonce, Eva Longoria and Aishwarya Rai. Look at beauty advertising in the UK however and you'd be hard-pressed to see such variety. The only notable exceptions would be brands such as Clarins and Nars who have featured the Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek in previous campaigns. In addition, Estee Lauder broke some serious ground by signing up Ethiopian supermodel Liyah Kebede to join Carolyn Murphy and Elizabeth Hurley as a spokesmodel / ambassador for the brand. Thankfully, Blackhair Magazine is an up-to-date publication with slick fashion and beauty content in addition to its main focus of black / afro hair. It is without doubt a market-leader and has set an enviable benchmark to its competitors within the Afro / Caribbean beauty sector, proving that yes, black is beautiful and yes, it can be contemporary too. So naturally, when the magazine called to ask if I'd be willing to contribute some expert tips for their bridal supplement, I was more than happy to oblige. Snap up your copy of the June/July 2010 issue of Blackhair Magazine at newsagents nation wide to read all my essential tips for looking camera-ready on your special day - without breaking the bank. Pictured above are my four pages of Press, as featured in the June/July 2010 issue of the magazine. To enlarge, simply click on the images.

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