Monday, 5 July 2010

Truth Serum..

What do Jessica Alba, Eva Mendez, Eva Longoria, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez all have in common (apart from mega-bucks)? The answer is beautiful, bronzed, glowing skin. The kind of skin that speaks of sumptuous spa rituals and a super-high maintenance lifestyle. The kind of skin that glistens on the decks of fabulous yachts in ST Tropez and gleams in couture on the red carpet at the Oscars. We're all familiar with the fake tan horror stories. From Jodie Marsh to Katie Price, the not-quite-human tangerine glow of the tanorexic is without doubt a major deterrent when it comes to tanning. But what if you could fake it in the knowledge that the results would be Gisele rather than Jordan? New Rapid Tan really is a miracle in a bottle as far as successful home-tanning goes. Granted, I did enlist the services of my partner when it came to doing my back - but otherwise, this really is an easy-to-follow DIY tanning product. I've attempted home-tanning in the past with mixed results. Last summer I had a particularly traumatic experience with the organic Cocoa Glow Natural Sunless Tanner from Chocolate Sun. As the product wasn't tinted, it was impossible to gauge whether there would be any streaks post-application. Imagine my horror when the morning-after-the-tan-before, I awoke a deep shade of bronze with a new set of tiger-like stripes on my fore arms. Trust me when I say it was a look I would never wish to repeat - EVER. However, Rapid Tan is not only tinted to ensure a streak-free finish, it also comes with a handy mitt. Simply pour a little product onto the sponge side of the mitt and massage into the skin in circular motions. Once you've covered the desired areas, you simply buff the skin with the mitt to ensure a flawless, even result. It's worth adding that this product smells surprisingly fresh and botanical, not at all like most fake tanning products. The product is certainly true to it's "rapid" title - my skin bronzed visibly within an hour of application, developing to a rich "I've just spent two weeks in the Maldives" tan by morning. To ensure the best results it's worth prepping properly by exfoliating your face and body thoroughly and applying the product to clean and moisturiser-free skin. Avoid exposure to water for 3-6 hours, I advise applying last thing at night to avoid any wardrobe nightmares (fake tan smears don't look good on anyone).

Rapid Tan - £19.99

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Sally - 0845 601 4861


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