Friday, 21 March 2014

High and Dry

High and Dry..

Dolly Parton was once quoted as saying, "The higher the hair, the closer to god". It is a motto close to my heart. Perhaps a little TOO close. You see, my penchant for daily blow drying (I have a quiff to maintain) and dalliances with peroxide mean that recently, I've been waking up looking less like Mad Men's Don Draper and more like Don King.

The Dream

The Reality

Thankfully, Trevor Sorbie came to the rescue (not literally but one can dream), thanks to the launch of his Frizz Free range. The business of frizz is a serious one (well maybe not as important as global warming - but all things are relative) and can be caused by humidity, rain, pollution and (ahem) over-styling. The range promises to lock in moisture and "keep bad hair days at bay". I managed to get my mitts on the Shampoo (pictured above) and Smoothing Spray.

The Shampoo contains Cocamide DEA, the surfactant properties of which cleanse the hair, removing oils, environmental grime and product build up, leaving hair fresh and clean. It also imparts shine and bounce. I love that the products feature styling tips, in this case "Blow dry your hair as soon as you have washed it, the quicker it goes from wet to dry the easier it is to control the frizz."

I followed said advice and low and behold, my hair was heaps smoother. In fact, my straight-talking friend Chris even complimented me at dinner, saying my hair looked "great" and "less bushy" and wanted to know if I'd had a hair cut since we last caught up over breakfast. Unfortunately, this was followed by something along the lines of "well we did meet pretty early so maybe you didn't have as much time". Can you believe the cheek of it? As if I'd ever leave the house without immaculately styled hair and a perfectly applied face. Naturally, I raised a heavily-botoxed brow. Ok, I'm joking on the botox front (nature has been kind) but if looks could kill, there would have been medics on site faster than you could say "frenemy".

The Smoothing Spray has also helped my hair make the transition from "bush" to "swoosh". I spray it onto damp hair and blow dry with a small round bristle brush, using the narrow nozzle on my hairdryer to smooth the hair cuticle for a super-smooth and glossy finish.

It contains Hydrogenated Castor Oil, rich in Vitamin E, minerals and proteins. It is also known to boost hair growth and for its antibacterial and anti-fungicidal properties.

It also contains Wheat Proteins, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, to help strengthen damaged hair, whilst making it shinier and easier to manage.


Frizz Free Shampoo - £5.29

Frizz Free Smoothing Spray - £5.99


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